Online Marketing

A brand is more than just your color scheme.
It's how you interact with your audience - past, present, future, and potential. It's how you convey the benefits of your brand and convert those impressions into engagement.

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Direct Target Marketing

Google • Bing • Yahoo Advertising

Direct target marketing can mean a lot of things to a lot of companies. While most marketers consider direct target marketing as marketing to a select segment of your list - we consider this strategy much more targeted. At Reflex Brands, direct target marketing means finding your target audience through multiple channels and segmenting your messaging to each audience. We focus on defining and identifying your audience, while providing relevant messaging that not only resonates with them, but properly depicts your brand.


Direct target marketing uses a combination of marketing methods. By combining market channels, you'll broden your visibility. Direct target marketing can be used for top or bottom funnel campaigns.

  • Paid Google & Bing Advertising
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Remarketing and Retargeting
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  • Professional Campaigns
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant
  • Content & Graphics Included

Email Marketing

Email Campaigns • Build Targeted Lists • Custom Content

Email marketing is the backbone of every Fortune 500 company. The answer isn’t buying lists, bombarding inboxes or spamming with sales – it’s much more complex than that. A well executed email campaign can lead to massive ROI and an incredibly loyal customer base.


We design, construct and execute your campaigns for you. No more messing around with email editors and list upload errors – we’ll do the grunt work for you and put your business in a position for success. Using our dedicated mail engine we’ll increase your response rates and ensure your emails get delivered on time, every time. More inbox hits, less spam – more happy customers.

Marketing Automation

Automatic replies • Messenger Bots

Take your marketing to the next level with marketing automation. Every customer, or prospect, that has an interaction with your business should be kept in touch with. It's imperative in today's competitive online marketing world that you're following up with customers. Sending automated follow up emails can be one great way to do this. Text messaging or Facebook messenger bots also have a great impact. Marketing automation ties numerous channels into one automatic marketing campaign.

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  • Automated Emails & Texts
  • Continuous Client Engagement
  • Sequenced Campaigns