Website: 4 months - $25,000 - custom ecommerce - shopify

Monthly Services: Email marketing - social media - podcast - website maintenance - SEO - Google and social media ad creation and management - video and photo content - graphic design

FlexScreen began in 2013 when CEO, Joe Altieri, took to his garage and invented "the world's first and only flexible window screen" to solve all of the problems with the frustrating, 100-year-old technology of traditional screens.

A few years and several patents later, FlexScreen hit the marketplace and began to get noticed. Sales began to boom in the window industry, and FlexScreen won several industry awards for its revolutionary design. But Joe wanted to take it further and make FlexScreen not just an industry name, but a household brand name as well, so he hired Reflex Brands to create an e-commerce website, bolster FlexScreen's social media presence, and increase their overall digital footprint.

Since our partnership with FlexScreen began, the B2C website we designed has generated over 2 million dollars in homeowner sales. We added accounts on all social platforms, and our posts caught the attention of Shark Tank producers, who reached out to Joe about taking his cutting-edge invention on the show.

Thanks to the creative marketing efforts of Reflex Brands, FlexScreen now has robust homeowner sales as well as increased industry sales, greater name recognition, and a lucrative deal with Shark Tank investor, Lori Greiner, “The Queen of QVC.” FlexScreen is well on its way to revolutionizing the window industry, and it's an honor to play a part in their success.


  • Owner-built website
  • Inactive Twitter
  • No other social media accounts
  • No e-commerce
  • Poor domain


  • E-commerce site with over $2 million in sales (2020)
  • Optimal domain
  • Active social media accounts
  • 81,525 LinkedIn followers
  • Over 1.3 million views on TikTok
  • Gained media attention from Shark Tank producers
  • Closed deal with Lori Greinier on ABC's Shark Tank

Joe Altieri

Founder & CEO

Joe Altieri Online Marketing Company Ceo

"I felt an instant connection with Reflex Brands. They knew what I wanted and presented an easy to understand, step-by-step strategy to get me there.

Reflex Brands propelled my brand to new heights, and I am confident that they can do the same for you."