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Marketing Automation + Automatic Emails

Take your marketing to the next level with marketing automation. Every customer, or prospect, that has an interaction with your business should be kept in touch with. It's imperative in today's competitive online marketing world that you're following up with customers. Sending automated follow up emails can be one great way to do this. Text messaging or Facebook messenger bots also have a great impact. Marketing automation ties numerous channels into one automatic marketing campaign.

Automatic follow-up emails

Sending automatic follow up emails can help your company elevate customer retention. Whether it's pre-service, post-service or throughout the sales cycle - marketing automation really works. Automatic follow up is simple in nature. An event triggers the automation, or campaign. The customer is then invited to re-engage with your brand. This can mean being asked to schedule an appointment or click a link. Triggers can include website contact forms, visits to your store or clicks on an email campaign. With advanced tracking scripts, we can help you identify these trigger events and what will work best for your business. Automation, as a whole, gives you more time to focus on your business.

Automatic follow-up text messaging

Sending follow up texts is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers. Decrease appointment cancellations, gather valuable feedback and engage with your customers. Text message marketing can be done in a non-invasive way. By having your customers define how they would like to be communicated with, you can offer convenient follow up methods. If you aren't leveraging text messaging, you really should consider it. Here are some reasons why.

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Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook messenger bots, something brand new to Facebook, are an incredible communication device. Bots, or auto-responders, are used to communicate to your Facebook audience. We utilize bots in a number of different services, but automation is where they really shine. Also known as chatbots, artificial intelligence is used to have conversations with your customers.We integrate bots to answer questions, sell products and communicate your message make your job easier.