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Direct Target Marketing

Direct target marketing can mean a lot of things to a lot of companies. While most marketers consider direct target marketing as marketing to a select segment of your list - we consider this strategy much more targeted. At Reflex Brands, direct target marketing means finding your target audience through multiple channels and segmenting your messaging to each audience. We focus on defining and identifying your audience, while providing relevant messaging that not only resonates with them, but properly depicts your brand.

Direct target marketing uses a combination of marketing methods. By combining market channels, you'll broden your visibility. Direct target marketing can be used for top or bottom funnel campaigns.

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Google Advertising

Advertising through Google can be incredibly advantageous. It can also mean blown budgets, missed opportunities and attracting the wrong buyers. This is why it's recommended to do all of your Google advertising through an agency. Great marketing agencies are well versed in Google's best practices. Without this knowledge, Google has the ability to eat your budget very quickly. Leaving you with a high cost per click and even higher cost per acquisition. Creating campaigns is a daunting task that should be handled with great care. Each keyphrase must be researched heavily, assessed against competition and strategically bid upon to ensure optimal results.

With the ability to remarket to customers that have visited your website - Google's platform is even more powerful than just search. Have you ever thought to yourself "my phone must be listening to me" - right after seeing an ad for something you were already thinking about. You're almost correct about that... but it's not listening to you - it's tracking your behavior. As you browse the internet, data is collected. This data is used to better serve ads to you, ads that are relevant to your current shopping needs. This is a craft that we've mastered and can help your business harness the same cutting edge technology to find buyers for your products and services.

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Bing & Yahoo Advertising

Bing & Yahoo aren't the most popular search engines - but guess what... they are still handling millions of searches daily. If you aren't taking the time to optimize for these search engines, you're missing out on potential customers.

Combined, these two search engines account for roughly *29% of internet searches. Using our direct target marketing strategy, we ensure that you aren't missing out on engaging with this audience.