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Social Media Marketing

Above & beyond boosting

First thing first - social media marketing is not posting status updates. It's not posting monthly specials, growing followers or commenting.
True social media marketing is proactively seeking potential customers through various social platforms. Defining target audiences and displaying messaging that resonates with that demographic. There are billions of people using social media and we want to help them find your business.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is the cornerstone for any social media marketing strategy. The ability to hone in on interests and behaviors has allowed marketers to clearly define target audiences for marketing campaigns. With overall less marketing spend - cost per acquisitions on this advertising platform can be dramatically lower.

Most importantly, we're not talking about "boosting posts" here. We're talking about the ability to truly define a target audience and deliver a specific message & clear call to action to that audience. Facebook advertising has greatly improved their advertising platform over the years and with a professional marketing team - your company can achieve great results.

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Instagram Advertising

Instagram as quickly become one of the most popular social platforms. Known for it's simplicity and ability to quickly share and react to photos - it's a great tool for advertisers. With over a billion users, Instagram is most popular with users under the age of 35 (71% of Instagram users).

Instagram, is coupled directly with Facebook Advertising, since being acquired by Facebook in 2012. This is great news for your business. Each advertisment you run through Facebook can be directly linked to your Instagram account. Doubling your reach and increasing opportunity.

YouTube Advertising

The 'go-to' for video online, YouTube is the second most popular search engine and 2nd most visited website on the planet. Think about the last video you watched online, there is a 98% chance that video was uploaded originally to YouTube.

YouTube advertising can be highly effective if targeted correctly. When bundled with additional marketing channels, your message can be carried through to YouTube. Displaying before, during and after searched videos. Advertisements can also be displayed under videos and a variety of additional locations throughout the website. Best of all, YouTube is owned by Google - which means... accurate data. Google has an enormous amount of data on users, which is used to display your ads on YouTube to the right person, at the right time.

I know what you're thinking...

Is social media marketing right for me?

Social media marketing can be very beneficial for your company. The first step in creating effective social media marketing campaigns is to establish a social presence. We recommend coupling social media marketing with our social media management service. Combined - you'll have an incredibly powerful social media presence!