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Social Media Management

Managing your online social presence is a necessary evil for a successful business. Necessary because it creates the online content your audience will see while scrolling through their phones, and evil because it can be such a time-consuming, daunting task that many business owners don't execute properly because of lack of time, focus, or knowledge. Let us take this task off your plate so you can focus on things that actually need your attention.

Keep online presence current

Visiting a business's page and seeing no new content for months, or even years, is equivalent to seeing a dead and abandoned business. If your brand isn't keeping your social media accounts updated, then the message you're portraying is that the business is dead or dying, and your audience shouldn't invest in it.

Keeping your online social presence updated not only signals your audience that your business is alive, but keeps them updated on news, products, or services you can offer to them. With fresh content continuously rolling out, you'll be sure to keep your brand fresh in front of their eyes.

Boost SEO

It's a fact that managing your social media with constant new content helps boost your search engine optimization (SEO). By including external links and keywords, you can help your business boost higher on Google search results just by keeping up your social media pages.

"How involved will I be?"

As hands-on as you want

Some business owners want to be hands-off and let us do the work when it comes to managing their social media accounts. Others prefer to be more involved in the process, giving weekly or monthly schedules with topical content ideas on which to focus. How involved you are in this process is completely up to you. 

       ✓ Minimal involvement
       ✓ Weekly/monthly schedules with topical ideas
       ✓ Daily/weekly communication with specifics