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Video Content

Show, don't tell - demonstrate to your audience how your product or service works in real-life application instead of a theoretical description. Showing how something works is the best way of teaching function and benefits, and converting that into investment in your brand.

Social Media Ads

Professional videos cut into short clips for ads on social media disperses a demonstration of the benefits of your brand to your audience across all platforms. Video is proven to show up higher in social media feeds due to Facebook and Instagram algorithms, which gives you a higher chance of reaching your target audience. Boost your brand with professional, eye-catching video content curated specifically for the platform on which it is posted.

✓   Demonstrations

✓   Testimonials

✓   Product features

Event Coverage

Live events can be the biggest outreach and exposure you receive throughout the year, and a big portion of your budget (or where you fundraise more resources). Capturing what you do and sharing it with your audience is a great way to demonstrate your values and action, and convert into membership, donations, or sales.

Training Videos

Video content isn't just for your advertising strategy, it can also be used internally. Creating video demonstrations for use as training for your staff can be a great resource to communicate ideals, changes, or new information in a quick and effective way for the masses.